How to Design Custom Printed Boxes & Cheap Packaging boxes

How to Design Custom Printed Boxes & Cheap Packaging boxes?

For the marketing or promotion of the product in the marketplaces, it is essential to give your product with the best printing of cheap custom boxes packaging in it. Printing packaging holds the greater importance for any product because it does help a lot to give your product with the attractive look for grabbing the attention of the customers.

If you would search around from the marketplaces, you will be finding so many companies involved in the functions of the custom tuck box printing ideas. In the custom packaging boxes, logo designing, shaping, and designing of the table are considered to be the three most important aspects.


Types of Printing Methods for Designing Custom Boxes printing:

To design the cheap custom packaging boxes, there are three main printing methods used for this task:

  • Flexographic Printing: This printing method is done all through the use of the big rubber stamp- a printing plate. This plate will be making your printing task a lot easy and straightforward by picking the ink and stamping it straight away on the box.


  • Digital Printing: On the next, we will be mentioning the digital printing method that is best used in favour of small tuck boxes. You can also take its functions as similar to the laser jet printer that is most probably used in the homes. It will be mixing the inks and then straightly be applying it on top of the colour for the designing of the box.


  • Litho Label Printing: In the same category we would mention with the name of litho label printing for Custom Packaging! This printing method is ideal when you want to give your designing with the proper cleaning and high-resolution effects.


  • Offset Printing: Offset printing is mainly used for large production and for wholesale purposes. If you have requirements of quantity over 1000 or more than offset printing can prove to be really cost effective for the project. The initial setup cost is slightly high but after that as the quantity increases, the price per unit decreases drastically. We recommend customers to get cheap custom boxes printing with offset so they can benefit from high quality professional print and low cost.


Types of Sizes in Cheap Custom Packaging Boxes:


Packaging of print custom boxes are readily accessible in so many sizes and shapes. Some of the standard sizes found in custom packaging boxes are as follows:


  • 5-13/16″ X 5-3/4″ X 1-15/16″ is mentioned out as the size that is so far best for the jewelry and wide range of other small items for custom packaging boxes printing.


Now, many customers have a question in mind that what sort of material is used for the manufacturing of the affordable printed custom boxes. Most of the elements that are used in the production of the print boxes are eco- friendly and fully recyclable card stock. Some of the suppliers do add the custom packaging tuck boxes with attractive tastes by adding with some ribbons, or the tissue paper or crinkle effects in it.



Helpful Guidelines For Choosing Best Custom Printing Packaging Boxes:


If you do find any issue in choosing the perfect inexpensive custom boxes packaging for yourself, then we are sure that below-mentioned guidelines will be helping you a lot in this regard. Most important of all you should clear your mind with the fact that whether you want simple cheap boxes printing packaging or the one that is set with embellishment. For the gift packaging, the adornment of the box is mostly done with the ribbons and use of the crinkle.


Create Professional Design for Custom Printed Boxes:

Always focus on creating simple yet professional design for your custom product packaging as many customers are always attracted with the simplicity of the design. The design of custom boxes should not be over the top with many images just clustered together. Less is more when it comes to creating artistic design for custom packaging boxes.

We have highly skilled team of graphic designers who can offers really great support for creating tailor made design for your brand and product. Product packaging also represents your business and brand identity so the artwork should be classy and sophisticated with the attention to detail given.


High Quality Recycled Packaging & Eco-friendly Custom Boxes:

We encourage our customers to purchase high quality and premium custom boxes and product packaging for their products. Since these custom printed packaging boxes are responsible for representing your product and many people notice these custom boxes on the retail shelves without even opening the boxes.

So don’t get cheap and low quality packaging just to save money instead have partnership with high end packaging boxes companies for long term relationship as they are willing to give discounted prices to their permanent customers.

Moreover, consider recycled and eco-friendly custom boxes printing to save the environment and have green policy in your business which is highly appreciated by the customer these days as many people are advocating green environment.

Kraft boxes are also used with environment friendly ink printing to create amazing boxes yet eco-friendly and suitable for high end products. Custom mailer boxes are also made of high quality recycled kraft corrugated stock which can be used for gift boxes or mailer shipping boxes.

These custom printed shipping boxes are also used for subscription purposes with custom logo printed on the boxes which creates a unique personalized branding for your marketing and branding goals.

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