5 Ways to Create Custom Printed Magazines

It’s really important to understand the whole process and procedure to create, design & print custom magazines. We should be fully aware of the technical information and also about the printing procedure. In this article, we have incorporated all the essential steps for our consumers to get their custom printed magazines without any hassle or difficulty. We have covered all segments starting from designing the magazines, material used for magazines & binding options.

Let’s get started and create some visually beautiful & creative magazines.

Get Creative with Custom Printed Magazine Cover

The cover of any custom magazine is the most important aspect of any magazine and its marketing strategy. If the cover is not attractive then nobody is going to read what’s inside it. So that’s why we focus on creating the most visually appealing magazine cover which grabs the attention of the users and customers.

Now there are certain basic rules to create a cover which is properly designed and aligned with the information you want to showcase. The first rule is to stay modern without overdoing things. Strong headers and sub-headings should be used to make the information more visible to the right users.

Try to incorporate the heading in the descending order such as main heading on top then the sub heading & smaller sub headings section in the bottom to get more attention.

Use high quality crisp images and pictures with these heading to create a visual effect for your headings. This way by combining perfect pictures and headings the cover can look more bold and creative.

You can also create typography to make the cover look 3D and giving an overview of the visually real images. You can simply use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop for this purpose.

Choosing Perfect Glossy Paper Stock

We all know the importance of creating the amazing design for the magazines and booklets. We often neglect the importance of paper quality of the magazines. We believe that using premium 150gsm gloss & matte text paper stock gives a premium feel to your custom printed magazines and gives a luxurious touch to it. You can also combine UV spot texture with your magazines to create amazing effect as well.

The color combination on the magazine cover and pages is really important. If we see all the famous magazine brands you can simply see that they don’t use too many colors at one time. Less is more when we are designing the magazine cover or its pages.

Seemingly, it has been proven that using bold colors can be more visually appealing instead of using too many colors at one time. Try using black and blue combination for more attractive outlook.

Create Professional Main Content Page

We need to be very precise when it comes to the main content page as it’s the next page after the reader goes through the main cover page. Once you have been successful in creating a fabulous front cover page, you simply cannot neglect the importance of a unique main content or index page.

The pictures should be high resolution for vibrant and crisp results. It should be able to guide the reader on how to find different subjects or sections in the magazine. You can also get more creative and showcase your artwork on the content’s page for optimum results.

Branding your product is really important and images combined with perfect text can create amazing effects and visually appealing for the readers. The content should be fully structured and user friendly for all the readers in order for them to find every element of your magazine easily.

Choose Premium Binding Options

When it comes to binding your custom magazine printing, we always recommend our customers to go for perfect bound magazines or spiral bound magazines. These options are cost effective and will definitely save you a lot of money. The process for perfect bound is really simple and easy to do. These magazine are glued from edges. They simply involves gluing the spine to the cover. Many companies also get custom printed booklets as well with the same binding options.

Another option is saddle stitched binding for the custom magazines. The saddle stitch is also cost effective way to get your magazines binding. These are stitched through the fold with staples.

There are many other options for bindings such as wire-o and spiral binding for the magazines. No matter how many pages your magazine is always go for the option which is suitable for your product.

Choosing Low Cost Magazine Printing Company

Once you have finished every aspect of creating, designing & your premium custom magazine printing. Now you need to make sure that actual print quality is luxurious and exceeds the expectations for your magazines. Always remember that cheap is not always good so avoid saving some bucks for low quality cheap magazines which will not able to attract your customer and ruin your company’s brand identity.

Things to make sure when choosing a printing company. Always check if they have printed any magazines before and if yes then ask for a samples of their previous work for their quality and paper material. It can help you decide about the print quality and the texture of the paper they use. Get price quotes from many printers you can possibly to get general idea of the market price.

Once you have collected all the necessary information, you can simply choose your printer and provide them 300 DPI high resolution artwork files for perfect print quality. Always make sure to get the digital PDF proof with bleeds and crop line to see the end results. Bleeds and crop lines are really important when it comes to print ready files and it can cause some confusion.

Get your premium magazines printed and sell it out to your customers with confidence. We hope that this article will help you in creating some amazing magazines.

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